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Eve Sweet is pornstar from Spain born in 1995. She is 5ft 3in (160cm) tall, weighs aproximately 229lbs (104kg), has natural boobs, brown hair and tatoos.

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Eve Sweet (born April 8, 1995) is a pornstar from Los Cristianos, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. She is 5'3" and weight 105 lbs. Her measurements are 35-24-32. She started her porn career in 2020 and is also active on OnlyFans.

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Dorcel Club - New July 2023 Updates


Eve Sweet - I Am Yours
Chloe Duval - Libertinism 2.0
Shalina Devine - Shalina, Her Colleague And Her Husband

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Viv Thomas - Kelly Collins, Foxy Alissa & Eve Sweet


Kelly Collins, Foxy Alissa & Eve Sweet - Naked Yoga Episode 4
Released: August 18, 2023

Stunning yoga teacher Foxy Alissa and her gorgeous roommate Kelly Collins take Foxy’s cute student Eve Sweet back to their place after a night out. As episode four of Sandra Shine’s hot lesbian series "Naked Yoga" begins, the girls take some playful selfies, then sit and chat; Foxy goes to fix some drinks and returns to find her friends kissing. Pausing only to take off her panties, she joins them in a sensual three-way embrace, teaming up with Eve to undress adorable blonde Kelly and then licking her pussy skilfully. Next, they turn their attention to Eve’s beautiful breasts and shaved pussy. Soon all three sexy girls are naked and licking each other in an ardent daisy chain, switching positions to ensure they all get their fill of orgasmic bliss.

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Dorcel Club - Anna Polina & Eve Sweet


Anna Polina & Eve Sweet - A new sexuality
Released: March 8, 2023

Anna Polina is in consultation with Lola Bellucci, her life coach, to talk about her sex life in order to try to find answers to these questions. Her sex life has always been very important to her, she has listened to all her fantasies all her life. She has always been attracted to men, but her most buried fantasy where she really finds herself is actually pleasure between women... Anna tells us about her fantasy, her desires with the beautiful Eve Sweet.

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Vixen - Eve Sweet


Eve Sweet - Club Vixen Part 2
Released: May 12, 2023

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Hentaied - New January & February 2023 Updates


Rae Lil Black - Toilet Encounters 3
Emiri Momota - Prison
Ellie Luna & Eve Sweet - The Prisoner
Lulu Chu - Hospital
Cherry Kiss - Dangerous Mission

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Met Art X - Eve Sweet


Eve Sweet - Blue Evening
Released: May 4, 2023

Cute brunette Eve Sweet sits at the mirror, touching up her makeup ready for a hot night. She moves to the bed, her beautiful breasts jiggling inside her see-through dress, the hem riding up to expose her shaved pussy as she spreads her thighs. Lying back against the pillows she starts to masturbate, her hips rocking up to meet her fingers as she rubs her clit sensuously. She diddles herself deeper, quivering through an intense orgasm, and then a second; pausing to get naked, she fondles her lovely breasts, teasing her nipples to make them even stiffer. Face down ass up, the horny honey frigs to a third climax that leaves her glowing with pleasure.

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Parasited - Eve Sweet & Josephine Jackson


Eve Sweet & Josephine Jackson - Ping Pong
Released: February 3, 2023

Eve Sweet and Josephine Jackson were playing ping pong, but the game was interrupted when Josephine had to take the wet cloths to the dryer. When she walked into the laundry room, she sensed something was off. As she was about to put the cloths in the dryer, she noticed a sticky, weird slime on them. She started to investigate the source of the dripping and when she looked up, she saw an alien parasite crawling on the ceiling...Josephine gasped in shock as the alien parasite jumped right in her mouth. A few minutes after, the alien parasite started taking over, driving Josephine into a horny frenzy, craving sex more than anything. She wanted to fuck Eve, who was running away. But there was no escape, as the alien parasite also got into Eve. Now both of the babes were overcome with lust and they started to fuck each other with wild abandon, their bodies trembling with pleasure as they explored new heights of pleasure.

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Hentaied - New August & September 2022 Updates


Tiffany Tatum - Brain Fucked
Alissa Foxy - UnderTheBed-Time
Jia Lissa - The Arcade Machine Jia The Architect Of Them.All
Rae Lil Black - Bedtime Facehugs
Valentina Nappi - Elevated Pleasures
Alissa Foxy & Eve Sweet - Rituals Of Lust

A girl’s throat getting stuffed with big tentacle cocks is always a fun thing to watch, especially when she’s Tiffany Tatum. However there are ways to make it far more interesting than it already is, and our alien friends have the tools necessary to make it true. Tiffany is laying on the floor face-down, she lifts her head as a couple of tentacles approach her. The look on her face, and eyes widened, she was like a kitten waiting to pounce on her prey and gobble it. As they get close she sticks her tongue out and licks the big black alien dicks. Moments later they’re both getting stuffed inside her mouth, a couple of jawbreakers and she wouldn’t have it any other way. Even a tear of joy rolls down her face while she’s blowing those tasty tentacles, moments before they creampie her throat. She can’t stop sucking, loads of creamy white semen keep pouring in, and she’s going to juice out every last drop of it...

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Viv Thomas - Kate Quinn & Eve Sweet


Kate Quinn & Eve Sweet - My House Guests - Episode 3
Released: April 11, 2023

Gorgeous blonde Jo tidies the house, as episode three of Sandra Shine’s erotic lesbian series "My House Guests" begins. She’s delighted to welcome two cute brunettes, Eve Sweet and Kate Quinn, who relax and have fun, unaware their naughty hostess is spying on them. Making themselves comfortable on the sofa, the girlfriends kiss tenderly, their hands exploring. Eve slides the straps of Kate’s dress from her shoulders and sucks her stiff nipples, then peels off her panties and strokes the puffy folds of her shaved pussy. Kate gasps with pleasure as Eve licks her prominent clit, getting her very aroused. They are soon both naked as Kate lavishes attention on Eve’s beautiful big breasts, then eats her pussy voraciously – Eve’s excitement increasing when she realizes Jo is watching them through the window. Kate straddles her sweetheart in a hot sixty-nine so they can lick each other in unison. She is first to orgasm as Eve’s tongue works skilfully on her soaked slot; catching her breath, she dismounts and fingerbangs Eve, then licks her to a powerful climax. Meanwhile, Jo masturbates as she watches the voyeuristic video she shot.

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Blacked - Vanna Bardot & Eve Sweet


Vanna Bardot & Eve Sweet - Scorned Part 3
Released: March 4, 2023

Eve and her husband overcame cheating with an arrangement where Eve sleeps with other men and he gets to watch. Now Vanna wants in on the hot wife action, and Eve has her eye on a candidate who can make it happen.

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Blacked Raw - Eve Sweet


Eve Sweet - Tonight's Winner
Released: February 23, 2023

A problem gambler goes too far and ups the ante by betting a night with his wife. After watching him lose, how could Eve not want to give the winner some spoils?

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Viv Thomas - Eve Sweet & Foxy Alissa


Eve Sweet & Foxy Alissa - Naked Yoga - Episode 2
Released: February 9, 2023

Stunning brunette Foxy Alissa welcomes her sexy student Eve Sweet to her apartment, as episode two of Sandra Shine’s erotic lesbian series "Naked Yoga" begins. Foxy is an attentive teacher, and can’t help noticing that Eve has a nice ass. Eve’s big breasts threaten to tumble out of her crop top with every forward bend, and as they giggle together, she kisses Foxy spontaneously, getting an enthusiastic response. They tumble onto the bed, where they are soon both topless, sucking each other’s stiff nipples...

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Met Art X - Eve Sweet


Eve Sweet - A Lovely Find
Released: February 7, 2023

Cute brunette Eve Sweet is busy cleaning with her feather duster when she makes an exciting discovery – a realistic cock-shaped dildo perched on the top shelf! She gives it a playful lick, feeling her arousal grow rapidly as she runs her hands over her sexy body. Pulling down her top, the horny beauty caresses her gorgeous breasts, teasing her nipples until they’re hard as diamonds. She tugs her red lace panties aside and strokes the toy against her wet pussy, spreading her succulent lips open and thrusting the mock cock into her juicy depths until she’s quivering through an intense orgasm. Craving more, she fucks herself to another climax, then gets naked and kneels to diddle herself doggy style, driving herself to a third, mind-blowing orgasm.

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Slayed - Little Angel & Eve Sweet


Little Angel & Eve Sweet - Sweet Taste
Released: December 27, 2022

Eve is an excellent cook, and her friend wants his girlfriend Little Angel to pick up some tips. Eve shows Little Angel around the kitchen, teaching her how to knead and the best way to heat up an oven.

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Met Art X - Eve Sweet


Eve Sweet - Scoring Lust
Released: January 8, 2023

Cute brunette Eve Sweet invites you to join her for a game of dominoes, but it soon becomes clear she has much more amorous pursuits in mind. She smiles playfully as she parts her slender thighs so her skirt rides up to reveal she’s not wearing panties. Rocking her hips, the horny beauty grinds her juicy pussy against her fingers, her moans of arousal growing wilder until she’s overwhelmed by a powerful orgasm. She fondles her lovely big breasts as she diddles herself to another climax, then goes face down ass up, masturbating an even more blissful peak of pleasure.

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Joymii - Lili Charmelle & Eve Sweet


Lili Charmelle & Eve Sweet - Going To The Beach
Released: December 28, 2022

It's so out hotside and Lili Charmelle feels like going to the beach! Eve Sweet has another idea in mind, and feels like staying home, cuddling and making out with her hot friend.

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