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Emily Addams - Hoisted
Released: March 29, 2024

We like to think that we treat our SubSluts well. You might not get that impression, watching the fuck scenes we shoot, but we are in fact at their service. In BDSM, it's not so much that you treat your subs like shit — though it may seem that way to the untrained eye. Quite the contrary, you treat your sub well — spoil them even. As the Dom, you're seeing to their every need. It just so happens that they need to be spanked, slapped and pounded relentlessly. Let that serve as a bit of a disclaimer for this week's scene with Emily Addams, because it's super hardcore, even by PSS standards; in short, it's exactly how she wants it. Don't let her adorable demeanor fool you! Emily is indeed a sweetheart, but she also has some rather shocking tastes as well, as you shall see.


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