Massage Rooms - Kittina Clairette

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Kittina Clairette - Shy woman cheats on husband
Released: August 7, 2019

Sitting on the table wearing only a white towel, shy housewife Kittina Clairette looks down as Stanley the masseur enters the room and introduces himself. Client and masseur get to chatting, and Kittina tells Stanley about how busy her husband is, and how she's always so lonely waiting around for him. Stanley promises to help Kittina relax, pours oil on her back, and begins to rub her muscles...

Stanley removes Kittina's towel and rubs her bum, then takes off his own pants, oils his body, and gives her a skin-to-skin body rub. Kittina, turned on, tells Stanley the tension is in her lower back, and sticks her ass and pussy in the air invitingly. Taking the hint, Stanley sticks his cock in Kittina's wet pussy, and the brunette giggles with glee, then backs her ass up on his thick shaft. Stanley treats the lonely housewive like the woman she wants to be, and they share a passionate fuck before he cums deep inside her with a creampie.


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