Lustery - New March 2024 Updates # 5


Tabby - Lake Love - E1309
Ravyn Alexa - Just Add Oil - E1310
Melissa - Threesome Day - E1311
Cherry - Thirst Trap - E1312
Ariel King - Footjob Tease & Denial - E1313
Anna - Back In Black - E1314
Cay - Shower Sucking - E1615
Eva - Cumming Full Circle - E1316
Asteria - The Power Of Suggestion - E1317
Poppy - Afternoon Flogging - E1319
Nicole Kitt - Fond Farewell - E1320
Alejandra - The Art Of Fingering - E1321
Serafina - The Hotel Affair - E1322

The exceptional Tabby and NoName are back with a beautiful outdoor quickie shot beside a gorgeous lake. After skinny dipping in the azure waters, Tabby was sunbathing on a boulder when NoName decided to set up the camera and start filming before hopping over to make out with his gorgeous lover before moving his lips down to her nipples. He then stands up so she can use her mouth to get him hard, as the two begin to trade foreplay (including some rimming exchanges) before going at it standing doggy-style in a gorgeous outdoor scene worthy of welcoming Spring back!


What makes a great massage? If the latest Lustery submission by Ravishing Ravyn Alexa and darling Ducky is anything to go by, generous drizzles of oil applied directly to bare flesh, getting warmed up by targeting all the most tender spots and, oh yeah, a finger or two in the ass. With a rubdown like this, it’s not long before all tension is forgotten and, with Ducky’s oil-slicked and rock-hard cock slip-sliding between her perfect butt cheeks, Ravyn is begging for it deep inside of her. If you’re a fan of sensual anal sex, playful passion and powerful orgasms, you’re going to want to hit ‘play’ right about now...


In honor of International Threesome Day, the Sexy Hippies Melissa and Jason are joined by their frequent play partner Scar Sinclair for a scintillating ménage-à-trois worthy of the occasion. The trio met at a festival where they immediately felt an intense connection and quickly “scurried away to a tent” to enjoy each other’s company. Now every time she’s in town they all have fun together, and—lucky for us—they decided to share with Lustery this time around.


If there’s one word to describe their sex life, say Brazilian lovers Cherry and Rick, it’s “wet”, which, as it turns out, is one way to sum up their squirt-soaked first Lustery submission too. Luckily, Rick is more than ready to lap up the powerful fountain of squirt unleashed by the gorgeous Cherry, directed straight into his open mouth. Thirst quenched (for now), the passionate duo dive into exploring a few of their favorite sex positions, culminating in Rick unleashing his own hot and sticky mess all over Cherry’s perfect tits.


In this video, I was bored and desperately wanted Kirk to play with my feet and toes. I didn't want to have sex though, but I love getting him turned on and teasing and denying him. I get started by telling him to lick my toes and feet, but I didn't realize it was going to turn him on so much he'd have a raging boner. So I played with his cock between my feet for a little bit, just to give him a little something. But then he sucked on my toes so good that I felt like I was done with him, and his mission was accomplished. Bye Kirk!


The sexy Soulfriends Anna and Daniel are working hard to bring yet another fantastic scene to the Lustery screens, this time a back(door)-breaking bang featuring toys, anal play, and their typically beautiful aesthetic. This time around, the action takes place in a canopy bed festooned in all black, with the gorgeous Germans wearing bondage gear to match. After some sensual kissing, Daniel dives in to eat Anna's ass before sliding his sausage inside for some Magic Wand-assisted doggy and reverse cowgirl action. Finally, he slips on and lubes up a condom (colored black, of course) and enters her tight asshole for some delectable anal and after-care.


Got extra wet in the shower as I drooled and spit all over his dick.


In honor of International Women’s Day, luscious lesbians Eva and Roo invited their friends Jasmine and Murdder over for a couple’s foursome. Although based in different UK cities, the couples have known each other for ages—Eva actually introduced the two a few years ago and has fucked them both individually—so the group has an effortless chemistry both during their laughter-filled intro and later when their clothes come off in the pink-hued bedroom. The beautiful tattooed vixens strip off their clothes in a free-flowing orgy of moans, kissing, and passion that is a celebration of all things woman!


If you’re not yet one of the many fans mesmerized by Lustery legends Asteria and Ulysses, sit back, relax and let Asteria’s soothing voice guide you all the way from intrigue to orgasm with a pit stop at falling head over heels for the kinky Canadians. At the intersection of sensual show-and-tell and dirty talking ASMR extravaganza, their newest submission is a dizzyingly hot JOI video that puts all the power in sweet talking Asteria’s hands while you – like lucky Ulysses – sit with your cock in yours awaiting further instructions...


Kink has been a part of our relationship since day one. In fact, we explored impact with the very same flogger shown here the first time we played in a kink club. It was lust at first hit.


Long-distance lovers Jonte and Nicole Kitt return to the Lustery screens with a sweet scene shot at 5 AM the morning before Nicole had to fly back to the States from Berlin. The gorgeous American had been in Europe for an action-packed ten days that included a trip to Amsterdam where she won Best Actress at the XBIZ Awards!


We love to feel each other, and we love the way it feels when either of us gets to the climax, this time it's her turn.


Time for a sensational scene from Roman and Serafina, in yet another new location: a hotel room that her job paid for while she was visiting Berlin for work! Even though she spent the night at Roman’s, the two thought they’d take advantage of the neutral space (and enormous bed) to have a fantastic early morning fuckfest to start their day. The hotties begin by making out on the bed and stripping what little clothes they had on, before Roman starts feasting on the gorgeous American's pussy. Serafina is happy to return in kind, but soon can't help but hop on top and fuck his hard cock (and her vibrator) every which way as the two give each other "so much" pleasure.

lustery-e1309-tabby-and-noname-lake-love-xxx-vertical-hr-mp4-fetish_s.jpg lustery-e1310-ducky-and-ravyn-alexa-just-add-oil-xxx-1080p-mp4-fetish_s.jpg lustery-e1311-melissa-and-jason-threesome-day-xxx-1080p-mp4-fetish_s.jpg lustery-e1312-cherry-and-rick-adams-thirst-trap-xxx-1080p-mp4-fetish_s.jpg lustery-e1313-ariel-king-and-kirk-ryner-footjob-tease-and-denial-xxx-vertical-hr.jpg lustery-e1314-anna-and-daniel-back-in-black-xxx-1080p-mp4-fetish_s.jpg lustery-e1315-cay-and-jay-shower-sucking-xxx-1080p-mp4-fetish_s.jpg lustery-e1316-eva-and-roo-cumming-full-circle-xxx-1080p-mp4-fetish_s.jpg lustery-e1317-asteria-and-ulysses-the-power-of-suggestion-xxx-1080p-mp4-fetish_s.jpg lustery-e1319-neen-and-poppy-afternoon-flogging-xxx-1080p-mp4-fetish_s.jpg lustery-e1320-jonte-and-nicole-kitt-fond-farewell-xxx-1080p-mp4-fetish_s.jpg lustery-e1321-alejandra-and-jeremy-the-art-of-fingering-xxx-vertical-hr-mp4-feti.jpg lustery-e1322-roman-and-serafina-the-hotel-affair-xxx-1080p-mp4-fetish_s.jpg

Size: 422 MB | Duration: 19 min | Video: 606x1080, 3066 kbits/s, 30.00 FPS | Audio: 44100 Hz, ‎128 kbits/s

Size: 1520 MB | Duration: 39 min | Video: 1920x1080, 5436 kbits/s, 30.00 FPS | Audio: 48000 Hz, ‎130 kbits/s

Size: 1161 MB | Duration: 49 min | Video: 1920x1080, 3289 kbits/s, 30.00 FPS | Audio: 48000 Hz, ‎127 kbits/s

Size: 550 MB | Duration: 29 min | Video: 1920x1080, 2640 kbits/s, 30.00 FPS | Audio: 48000 Hz, ‎129 kbits/s

Size: 64 MB | Duration: 07 min | Video: 606x1080, 1286 kbits/s, 30.00 FPS | Audio: 48000 Hz, ‎127 kbits/s

Size: 495 MB | Duration: 30 min | Video: 1920x1080, 2297 kbits/s, 30.00 FPS | Audio: 48000 Hz, ‎129 kbits/s

Size: 240 MB | Duration: 08 min | Video: 1920x1080, 4310 kbits/s, 30.00 FPS | Audio: 48000 Hz, ‎131 kbits/s

Size: 1276 MB | Duration: 38 min | Video: 1920x1080, 4751 kbits/s, 30.00 FPS | Audio: 48000 Hz, ‎129 kbits/s

Size: 377 MB | Duration: 14 min | Video: 1920x1080, 3690 kbits/s, 30.00 FPS | Audio: 48000 Hz, ‎129 kbits/s

Size: 198 MB | Duration: 09 min | Video: 1920x1080, 3175 kbits/s, 25.00 FPS | Audio: 48000 Hz, ‎128 kbits/s

Size: 844 MB | Duration: 29 min | Video: 1920x1080, 4047 kbits/s, 25.00 FPS | Audio: 48000 Hz, ‎129 kbits/s

Size: 69 MB | Duration: 06 min | Video: 606x1080, 1520 kbits/s, 30.00 FPS | Audio: 48000 Hz, ‎129 kbits/s

Size: 691 MB | Duration: 31 min | Video: 1920x1080, 3088 kbits/s, 24.00 FPS | Audio: 48000 Hz, ‎127 kbits/s


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