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Dana - Lather Up Get Off - E1176
Ariel King - Dinette Sex - E1177
Irenka - In High Spirits - E1178

Nobody takes getting clean as seriously as Lustery couples – or getting dirty, for that matter! In our latest steamy shower quickie, it’s nomadic cuties Dana and Kuka helping each other lather up before all the soap-slick bare skin, slippery crevices, warmth and wet take on a decidedly sexier flavor. Naturally, be the time the passionate pair are done pleasuring each other, culminating in a cum-soaked climax all over Dana’s face and breasts, beginning the clean-up process all over again might just be a necessity. Round Two?


Adorable kinksters Ariel King and Kirk Ryner welcome us back into their home with another fantastic sex tour, this time showcasing their kitchen. As Ariel was feeling more submissive, Kirk happily takes charge and starts eating her out on the dining room table before guiding her to her knees to suck his dick til he's ready to start pounding. Following a bit of tabletop missionary, the pair move to the kitchen counter where Kirk starts playing with Ariel's ass using a butt plug, before banging her on other various bits of furniture in a scene that's sure to be appointment viewing!


Whether reaching near religious levels of sexual ecstasy or flinging open the doors of sexual perception with deeply in-tune psychedelic trips, Polish lovers Tadzio and Irenka aren’t afraid to explore new highs together. Their energetic Lustery debut is a vigorous display of passion at its most primal: full of gasps and screams, teasing bites and spit and hair-pulling, ravenous desire and cathartic, powerful release with glimpses into their playful D/s dynamic and exhibitionism kink.

lustery-e1176-dana-and-kuka-lather-up-get-off-xxx-1080p-mp4-wrb_s.jpg lustery-e1177-ariel-king-and-kirk-ryner-dinette-sex-xxx-1080p-mp4-wrb_s.jpg lustery-e1178-irenka-and-tadzio-in-high-spirits-xxx-1080p-mp4-wrb_s.jpg

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