Life Selector - Chloe Temple, Matty Mila Perez & Athena Fleurs


Chloe Temple, Matty Mila Perez & Athena Fleurs - Once a Pornstar, Always a Pornstar (Interactive Game)
Released: February 12, 2024

You wouldn't want to brag but facts are facts: you were one of the biggest adult stars in the industry. When you reached the peek of your career, you decided to retire and enjoy a much simpler life. Or as you thought... Your hot and insatiable girlfriend, Athena Fleurs, doesn't entirely agree with your decision, although she's quite the jealous type. How come all your quarrels end up in hot anal sex? Your ex-agent, the biggest name in the biz, Chloe Temple, pays you a visit with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

While negotiating, she reveals her long time wish to cross the line with you. Chloe also shares her desire for foot fetish, which certainly makes it hard to resist her. On top of everything else, you find an intruder in your bedroom. Petite and beautiful Matty Mila Perez is elbow deep in your underwear drawer, when you find her, claiming to be your biggest fan ever. How will you deal with this unexpected but very intriguing situation? Seems like adult entertainment doesn't want to let you go just yet.

Interactive Flash game for Windows and Android - see manual.





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