Frolic Me - Samantha Cruuz


Samantha Cruuz - On My Way
Released: March 20, 2024

You might think casual sex porn means a hurried or spontaneous encounter, but in this two-part feature, you’ll find the build-up and anticipation is just as important as the main event.

In the previous film starring the stunning Samantha Cruuz, we witnessed her accidental self-seduction after finding herself irresistible as she dressed for her date. She was so turned on she had to take herself in hand to give herself the orgasms she desperately craved.

In this delicious sequel, we find out just who she was getting ready for. The scene opens with Samantha walking purposefully down the dimly lit avenue late at night, a twinkle in her eye to match the shimmering streetlights. Her leather boots click rhythmically on the pavement, and her trench coat catches the edge of the breeze, opening to reveal she’s wearing only her lingerie beneath. This flash of her beautiful body affirms that she has one thing on her mind, and an evening of casual sex porn awaits her.

Nick is sitting at the bar, unable to take his eyes off Samantha. She sashays up to him, smouldering with lust as her coat falls open to signal her sexy intent. She drapes her arm over his shoulder as she leans in for a kiss, teasingly taking his whisky glass from his grip for a taste. The deal has been sealed—it’s her night, now time to savour it…

Her seduction continues up in the hotel suite, where Samantha treats her lover to a sultry dance, watching his arousal grow as she moves between his spread thighs. At last, Samantha’s nocturnal craving is attended to as Nick eases her sheer panties aside, sliding his fingers over her needy clit and giving her the sexual relief she deserves.

I hope you enjoy watching the sequel to Samantha’s night of pleasures, featuring the charming Nick Ross, in this casual sex porn film.


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