Free Use Stepmom


Cast: Alexa Payne, Melanie Hicks

Alexa has arrived at her step-sister, Melanies, house, where she is going to reside for a few weeks. Alexa is wearing a hot pink crop top with jean shorts, but Melanie informs her that she has to strip in order to enter the house; Thats just one of the rules. Melanie is wearing a green dress that she slowly strips out of, while Alexa strips out of her clothes as well. Now that theyre naked, they are ready to enter the house! Melanie starts to explain the house rules to Alexa.

She explains how Luke is in charge of everybody, and Cory is second in charge. She also explains how this is a free use household, which means that they are allowed to be sexual with each other whenever they want. Alexa agrees to the rules, and then Melanie goes looking for Cory so she can introduce her step-sister to Cory. Melanie ends up running into Luke first, so she brings Luke into the guest house to introduce Luke to Alexa. Luke calls Alexa into his bedroom to ask her for the rent money. She is wearing a hot pink dress and she is very confused about paying rent. Luke reminds her that the #1 rule in this house is that she is supposed to be naked at all times. Alexa strips out of her pink dress, as she tells Luke that she has no money to pay the rent. Melanie and Alexa are sitting down next to each other, naked in bed. Melanie tells Alexa that Luke wants to plant his seed inside of her. Alexa is a bit nervous at first, because she isnt on birth control pills. But she finally agrees to get pregnant with Lukes child! They call Luke into the room, and Melanie explains to Luke that Alexa has agreed to all of the terms and conditions to stay here. Melanie and Alexa start to kiss each other, and then they give Luke a double blowjob to get his cock nice and hard.


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