FA Kings - Inna Teen

FA Kings - Inna Teen

Inna Teen - I fuck my Recovery Classes teacher. I'm Inna, 18 years old and I'm sick of the summer!
Released: August 24, 2018

Hi, FAKings friends. I'm Inna and I'm 18. I live in Tarragona, and, unfortunately, in my parents' place. This year school has gone bad, the reason? I cannot lie: I love partying. Despite being always a good student this last year i've thought more about having fun, laughing with my girl friends, going out with my 'special friends' and not even opening the books. The result: a shity summer locked at home...

That's it, friends, my parents keep me kidnapped and they only let me go out only to the swimming pool one hour a day and on top of that, in the morning, when there's only old women and little guys annoying me with their stupid games. On the afternoon, when the hot guys and my girl friends go there, I must be in my place studying and just studying. Seriously. DO YOU THINK THIS IS A LIFE? Fuck if it is, I wanna die. Today my recovery classes teacher comes to my place, a guy who is 21 and it looks like this is the nearer I going to be to a dick in all of the summer. It's true, I am being kidnapped!. Well, look, if this is the only cock I'm going to have near me I assure you that I'm not going to waste it. I'M GOING TO FUCK HIM



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