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Chloe Temple - Pussy Raid On Area 51
Released: August 1, 2019

Chloe Temple is obsessed with outer space. In fact, she loves it so much that she likes to dress up like she is an space chick herself. She sits at her computer all day long thinking of ways she can meet a hot space guy to make all her alien fantasies come true. So, when the internet starts buzzing about storming Area 51, she is super excited. She wants to figure out exactly how to get into the top secret government area so she can meet the extraterrestrial of her dreams...

Today, she is going to do anything it takes to make it happen. When she finally meets her alien stud, she is surprised at how buff and easy on the eyes he is. He is big and green and seems to be really into her. How could he not be? With her tiny silver outfit and her cute blonde hair, anybody, even an alien, cannot resist her. They take some cute selfies together, and he proves just how strong he is by lifting her in the air with ease. The guy loves the way her silky human skin feels against his body, and soon he starts to wonder if Chloe has the same dirty thoughts he is. Finally, Chloe reveals her ultimate intention. She wants to get this spaceman hard! She points her little ray gun at his package, and soon an awfully human looking boner pops out from his green body. She rubs and caresses it, wrapping her fingers around the alien’s thick cock with a thirst for cosmic cum. The alien loves Earth more and more as Chloe works her tight young pussy onto his dick and gyrates her hips seductively. Then, he shoots a huge load of space goo all over this hot babes sexy body. This alien is never going home!


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