Evolved Fights - Dee Williams


Dee Williams - Dee Williams Vs. Will Pounder
Released: May 31, 2024

Will Pounder is making his Debut on the Evolved Mats. Will is an experienced grappler but this is the first time he's stepping into an offical "sex fight" and he's in for it since he called out Dee Williams for his first match. Dee is a purple belt in bjj and a black blet in BJs. She's a seductrice with a lot of experience in our sex fighting arena. Dee might end up teaching Will a thing or two today. Will is looking a getting Dee a one way ticket to pound town. It's a close match, determined by 1 point and only one of these entertaining fuckers can win. This is a highly entertaining sex fight between two elite grapplers. This is a quintessential snuggle struggle for the ages. The winner fucks the loser like a champ. The loser is thrown around like a rag doll and fucked good and hard, laying down, standing up, the loser is fucked silly.



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