Breeding Material - Chanel Camryn


Chanel Camryn - If It Makes You Stay
Released: March 27, 2024

When Chanel sees her stepdad is ready to pack up his bags and leave, she is distraught and scrambles to find a solution. After all, if Jack leaves, it would mean his money goes away, too, and by extension, it would mean Chanel would need to get a job and work. This is not an option - a cute and horny babe like her shouldn’t have to lift a finger. Chanel has the brilliant idea to let her stepdad breed her. That is, if he cums deep inside of her and gives her his seed, Chanel will be able to keep Jack around. It’s a brilliant plan and also one that excites Chanel...

She’d never thought about letting someone give her a bump, but the idea started to excite her more and more the longer she dwelled on it. Chanel makes her move and tries to talk Jack out of leaving, all while rubbing his thigh, moving closer and closer to his stiffening cock. She knows it’s taboo to mess around with her stepdaddy, but it was also thrilling in the most fucked up sort of way. Jack can’t believe what’s happening, and he’s hesitant to fuck around with his own stepdaughter. Though when Chanel pulls out her tits for Jack to admire, he folds and gives into his lust. From there on out, Chanel and Jack take every opportunity they have to fuck. It’s been a while since Jack has been with a younger woman. Chanel’s perfect tits, her delicate curves, her wild sex drive, and her familiar scent all send Jack bananas. It’s like Chanel’s pussy was made for his cock, and he can’t get enough of it. After a few sessions, Chanel tells Jack she doesn’t want him to pull out. She wants him to shoot his load inside of her so that he’ll never leave her. Jack happily obliges and fucks Chanel with everything he’s got. Jack cums hard while Chanel rides on top. Chanel grinds hard against Jack as he fills her pussy up with his load.


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