Black Bull Challenge - New 2023 Updates


Eva Johnson - Black Men Are Superior
Ava Austen - Take It You Dirty Fucking Slut
Rhiannon Ryder - Beast Mode Activated

Eva Johnson is a skinny white girl who needs BBC in her pussy, no matter what it takes to get it inside. She wears her sexiest underwear when she walks in on the big, black bull, just lying on the bed and she knows what to do. She mounts right up on him and kisses him while she takes off her shirt. It doesn’t take him long to start eating her tasty pussy and for her to give him a passionate, deep-throat blowjob. He finishes up by jerking his big black dick all over her small tits before she swallows his cum. Eva has just learned firsthand about the total sexual superiority of a strong black man.


Ava Austen is a tattooed slut who can't cum unless her pussy is ripped apart by BBC and she's in the mood for a stuffing. She walks up to the big, black bull and starts kissing him to get him in the mood. He gets her right onto her knees to eat her hairy pussy with his nose shoved up her asshole and she loves it. She repays him by spitting and drooling all over his big, black cock to jerk it off for him. He takes over at the end and make sure that he cums in her mouth.


Rhiannon Ryder is desperate for BBC and lays on the bed, begging and teasing to get her pussy filled while she masturbates. The big, black bull finally gives in and lets her get onto her knees to give him a blowjob that doesn’t even fit in her mouth. She gets her pussy eaten to lube it up before taking it all inside. It doesn’t take long for her to end up on her back with the giant cock pile driving her and his hand choking her until she’s about to pass out. Then he finishes her off with a creampie. Size doesn't matter? BBC is overhyped? Yeah right.

blackbullchallenge-23-02-17-eva-johnson-xxx-sd_s.jpg blackbullchallenge-23-03-03-ava-austen-xxx-sd_s.jpg blackbullchallenge-23-05-26-rhiannon-ryder-xxx-sd_s.jpg

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