Ass Parade - Cassie Lenoir


Cassie Lenoir - She Wants Stepdad's Big Cock
Released: February 12, 2024

Cassie Lenoir is sitting on the edge of the bed thinking of her stepdad. She is super horny, and is imagining getting banged hard by his huge cock. She starts playing with herself, but she can’t get off. She comes up with the clever idea to get in a bikini, look sexy, and go up to her stepdad and ask him to join her by the pool. He decides to stay in and watch a game instead. She goes to the pool by herself, but it’s not stopping her from getting what she wants.

She tries to go back inside the house and her stepdad to oil her big ass! She explains that he has bigger hands that would perfectly cover her entire big perfect booty. Stepdad Sheem is taken back by the request, he can get in trouble with her mom. But, she insists that stepmom won't find out. This leads to not only getting a big booty massage but getting fucked exactly as she wants. The perfect huge cock for her amazing booty!



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