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Victoria Daniels – Scarecrow 2
Released: October 30, 2015

Paul Black’s latest masterpiece of disturbing erotica is the perfect way to usher in Halloween, combining provocative sound and visuals with jet-black humor to staggering effect. The comedic atmosphere created by the animated title sequence is abruptly shattered as Victoria Daniels uncovers her companion, an apparently lifeless doll whose face is wrapped in bandages. Caressing him lovingly, she uses his battered wooden hand to rub her pussy, then frees his rubber cock and begins to stroke it. She penetrates herself with her own fingers as she jerks the Scarecrow’s cock, then sits astride his face and grinds on it. Tipping forward into a sixty-nine, she sucks him hungrily. Straddling his crotch, she sinks down on the rubber phallus and rides it vigorously, the metal bedstead creaking ominously as her thrusts gather momentum. The explosive climax is sure to give you a jolt of shock and amusement. Happy Halloween!