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Rosaline Rosa & Sabrina Moor – Awakening
Released: September 12, 2014

It’s morning and two women — Sabrina Moor and Rosaline Rosa — are slumbering peacefully in their separate beds. Moor is the first to awaken, and she quietly exits the room. Shortly thereafter Rosaline returns to consciousness. When she realizes she’s alone in the room she takes the opportunity to greet the new day with a bit of casual masturbation. But the hotter she gets, the more she wants, and she soon fishes a crystal dildo from her bedside table, applies lube, and then proceeds to fuck herself to orgasm. But André Lupine’s “Awakening” is only just beginning. Satisfied, but only temporarily, Rosaline get out of bed and goes looking for a playmate. When she finds Sabrina she makes a pass, and Moor’s initial resistance raises questions as to the nature of the twosome’s relationship — they do sleep in separate beds, after all. But Moor quickly yields to Roas’s advances and lets her dark-haired lover eat her pussy while she leans against a wall for much-needed support. The couple then return to the bedroom, and in the more comfortable setting Rosaline continues eating Sabrina until climax is achieved. Still hungry after all that eating Rosa straddles Moor’s face and gets licked and sucked to another peak of pleasure, then the dildo returns to play, plunging once more into Rosa’s fevered slit with obviously enjoyable results. Smoldering masturbation and insatiable Sapphic sex-play make “Awakening” an eye-opening experience.