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Kiara Lord & Timea Bella – Garden
Released: August 19, 2015

Andrej Lupin’s “Garden” takes place next to (and briefly in) a backyard swimming pool on a hillside surrounded by trees that sway gently in the summer breeze. Timea Bella and Kiara Lord enter this pastoral setting barefoot and wearing leotards. The mood is playful, carefree, and easy — indeed, in the film’s opening moments there’s little to indicate that there’s anything but platonic friendship between the two women. But then Kiara sneaks up on sun-bathing Timea, gently teases her, and then kisses her on the mouth. Here the mood shifts, but the playful, easy-going nature of the lovers’ relationship remains. The sounds of birds in the surrounding foliage is soon joined by the cooing of the kissing couple. Kiara is, initially, the more demonstrative of the pair, but as their leotards come off and their excitement builds, Timea takes control. She gently pushes Kiara back and then moves into the sixty-nine position astride her and they then begin to pleasure each other simultaneously. But, as Timea licks and sucks Kiara’s pussy, the pleasure is so great she lies back and enjoys the exquisite sensations and gives up any attempt to pay them back in kind. When Timea inserts two fingers in Kiara and begins to vigorously probe her, orgasm is inevitable and arrives with a sudden gasp and a satisfied moan. At this point Timea sits up and begins to writhe and wiggle her pussy on Kiara’s eager-to-reciprocate mouth. Face-sitting gives way to tender kissing, and, after moving into a seated position, Kiara reaches around and fingers Timea to a vocal and breathless orgasm of her own. Satisfied and content, the lovers cuddle, basking in the warmth of the sun, and enjoying this blissful afternoon in the peace and privacy of the “Garden.”