Sabrina – Exploited College Girls
Released: May 23, 2013

When Sabrina showed up this week I had no idea that turning lights and a camera on her would unleash a dick slurping, facial loving nymphomaniac. She looks like any other innocent(-ish) 19 year old college girl, which is why I recruited her to the site. In fact, as I begin shooting her she announces upfront that she’s a good girl who is trying to earn a little tuition money and that’s all. If you are in the habit of fast forwarding to the good stuff, she transforms from good girl to insatiable sexpot in about 9 minutes, or about 22 seconds after her panties come off. If you are a fan of the interviews, be sure to watch all of Sabrina’s as she drops some great facts, for example she can masturbate to orgasm in 7-9 minutes using only her fingers. She knows this because she masturbates a lot, naturally. She can also squirt in missionary, if fingered correctly (hot!) She has had sex with “19 individuals” and she knows every trick in the book to piss off her daddy. Sounds like all of the ingredients for a quality ECG update! I hustle Sabrina over to the bed and we chat some more while she gets comfortable enough to strip. It seems like as soon as the air hits her skin she’s turned on. She pulls her top off and then her panties and acts all shy until her brain catches up with her vag and she realizes this whole experience is a huge turn-on. From here on out, it’s a blurry sex fest. As soon as she starts rubbing her pussy and realizes how wet she is, they whole scene takes on a new energy. Sabrina says over and over that she’s never used a sex toy, so when I pull out a vibrator I’m thinking, this ought be good. Yep, it is. Good turns out to be an understatement. She goes CRAZY for this thing, writhing and gasping. In no time at all she’s over the edge and having a huge orgasm. She’s so into it, I decide that to see if she’s willing to indulge in some anal action by slipping a second toy into her ass. Initially she freaks, but she never says no or stops. Eventually she relaxes and takes the whole thing, it’s lava hot. She writhes and grinds like her whole body is electrified. I can’t remember the last time I had a girl on the site who was this turned on. It turns out to be contagious and before long I’m itching to get mine. I tell her I want her on her knees sucking my cock and she tells me, “They call me superhead.” while she’s sucking her pussy juices off the vibrator. While I know she stole this line from a Too Short tape, it turns out to be 100% true, this girl is an artist with cock. She licks and sucks like my dick has a candy coating, she sucks on my balls, and even gags herself trying to deep throat. Eventually I just HAVE to fuck her, so I get her positioned on her knees on the bed and I attack that pussy.Sabrina turns out to be dirtier than I expected and when I ask her to lick my cock clean after fucking her she doesn’t even hesitate. Between her tight puss, her dirty talk and the way she fingers her clit when I’m fucking her she’s a really great fuck and I can’t resist getting her in a few more positions before I unload on her face. I think this is one of my best facials ever, I unload on her and her initial reaction is like she’s getting pepper sprayed, but after the initial surprise she’s smiling and rubbing my jizz into her cheeks like a good little cum slut. Definitely what I call a happy ending.