Serena Blair & Luna Light – First Feather Weight Bout of Season 11
Released: September 27, 2013

It’s rare that we can get a girl that can make Serena Blair look like a giant. Since Serena has started at U/S, she has been the smallest girl on the roster. Today Luna Light steps in to take Serena’s title. She wants title of smallest competitor and she wants the title of Feather Weight Champ. Serena is delighted today to take on someone smaller than she. For the first time ever, Serena is going to use her size as an advantage over an opponent. Although Serena has size and experience over this little ball of energy, Luna has the tenacity to give Serena a challenge. Luna Light comes to us with no wrestling experience. She either lied about never wrestling or she’s one hell of a fast learner. What seems like a total squash match in the first round turns into an all out war for rounds 2 and 3. Even round 4 has some bitter rivalry. Loser is determined to come back and fuck the winner. This is NOT a title Bout. If Serena loses, Luna will have the option to challenge her for an official title match.