Cheyenne Jewel, Izamar Gutierrez, Beretta James & Sahara Rain – Round 3, Team Blue vs. Team Yellow. Isamar Taunts her Opponents
Released: February 12, 2013

Cheyenne and Isamar start out on the mats for their teams in round 3. After Sahara got trapped on the mats in round 2 and got finger fucked for nearly 3 straight minutes, Yellow knows they have some catching up to do. Blue is coming out cocky and confident that they have this one in the bag. The energy between Cheyenne and Isamar is so thick and tense you could sick your dick in it. The titans battle on the mats. Isamar taunts Cheyenne as she neutralizes her strength and power. Sahara tags in for team Yellow. Isamar ducks the two yellow team mates and laughs in their faces as they rush over to take control of her. Yellow tries to come back with vengeance but they fell too far behind in round two when Sahara got trapped. Their effort is too little too late.