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Vera O – Heat
Released: May 24, 2015

Vera O looks exquisite with her hair in an elegant updo as she basks in the glow of an infrared lamp. She caresses her slender body, grabbing her ass cheeks forcefully and spreading them open to reveal a glimpse of her pretty pussy. She slips off her flimsy dress and wets a couple of fingers between her sweet lips, before stroking them across her pussy. Penetrating herself with one hand while she teases her nipples with the other, she moans with arousal, then begins to rub her clit in circles as her pleasure builds. She turns onto her side, squirming with the horny sensations, her cries growing louder and more frantic as she finger-bangs herself to a powerful climax. Then she lies back to enjoy a different kind of heat as the lamp bathes her fair skin.