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Serena Lewis – Pussy Pump
Released: August 5, 2016

Serena Lewis – vampishly pretty with pale skin, light blue eyes, a raven-black bob, smoky black eye makeup and full red lips – is dressed in a lacy black bralet, black garter-belt hose and skyscraper platform stilettos. She’s sitting in a chair playing with her small tits, freeing them from her top to expose stiff, prominent nipples. Her hands move down to her already bare pussy, which she rubs with oil, then teases, dragging a finger between her inner labia to tease her clit. Aroused, she grabs the pussy pump of the title – she places the clear cup over her snatch, her breath coming in heavy gasps each time she squeezes the rubber bulb. Her fleshy lips expand until they’re touching the inside surface of the cup, then she releases it, to reveal that they’re deep red and engorged from the intense suction. Serena rubs and gently spanks her crotch – a close-up reveals that her pussy is already creaming. She doesn’t need to frig herself frantically – she’s so sensitized the gentlest of touches is enough to keep her cumming. Then she uses the pump again, before playing the cup over her tender, swollen pussy to make her orgasm last even longer.