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Milla – The Gift 2
Released: August 30, 2015

There’s a special delivery for Milla – a mysterious box, containing a note and a pair of black panties. She puts them on, and then returns to watching something on her tablet, but her thoughts soon stray to the sexy gift. Parting her thighs, she wriggles a hand inside the panties, then slides them off and strokes them against her face as she begins to finger her pussy. She grows increasingly horny, pulling off her dress and bra and rubbing the panties against her pussy. Legs wide apart, she rocks her hips as she masturbates, then turns onto her knees, thrusting back against her probing fingers. They slide rapidly up and down her slippery slot, and she lies back, penetrating herself with her sticky fingers, playing with the panties as she does so. When she’s done, she seals them back in their package – it seems the gift is for someone else after all…