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Helena J – Clean Pleasure 2
Released: May 22, 2015

The arousing sight of Helena J stroking her fingers between her pert ass cheeks as she soaps herself up in the shower is a delightful way for her to make her TLE debut. Her fingers move busily against her dark-haired pussy, perfect-handful breasts swaying as she makes good use of the showerhead. She continues to stroke herself as she dries her long brunette hair, blowing the hot air across her stiff nipples. Now she concentrates fully on her pleasure, head thrown back as she dips her fingers into her pussy over and over again. She turns onto her knees to ride her fingers harder, then turns back again and spreads her legs wider as she gets carried away with her lust. Squirming and sliding as the horny sensations sweep over her, Helena may leave you in need of a cold shower of your own!