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Frida C, Tess B & Tracy Lindsay – Fantasy Fulfilled 2
Released: December 4, 2015

As Tess, Tracy Lindsay and Frida sit drinking wine together, the reason for their liaison emerges. Tess and Tracy confess to reading each other’s diary; it seems they share a common fantasy. Tess and Frida begin to dance sexily together, as Tracy watches. We next see both beautiful brunettes naked and tied to the bed; Tracy sucks Frida’s nipples, spreads her legs and eats her pussy as Tess looks on, then straddles Tess’s face to get licked herself. She unties Tess and they both go to work on Frida, stroking and sucking her into a froth. When Frida’s restraints are released the three move into a circle, each pressing her face between the thighs of the girl next to her, and getting eaten in turn. This delicious daisy chain soon has Tracy at fever pitch, and she lies back to watch as Tess eats Frida to a climax. They trade places and Tess takes a vigorous licking. The three beauties finish up kissing and caressing one another voluptuously, utterly satiated, their mutual fantasy fulfilled… but keep watching for an entertaining twist to the tale!