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Etna – I Miss You 2
Released: May 8, 2015

Etna looks elegant and sophisticated as she toys with the petals from the roses her lover has left her. Their note, and the sweet fragrance of the flowers, brings a sad smile to her face. Stroking the petals over her soft skin as she undresses, Etna allows her lustful loneliness to take hold. She unties her hair and lets thoughts of her lover fill her mind as she teases her nipples with the rose petals. Spreading her thighs, she begins to rub her beautiful pussy, fingertips pressing her clit and parting her lips to expose the pinkness within. Her juices spread over her mound as she rubs harder, and she moves onto her knees to finger herself, her peachy bottom undulating as her pleasure mounts. Passion overwhelms her and she lies back, spreads her legs wider and loses herself in her masturbatory dreams…