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Alexis Brill – To Purify 2
Released: April 24, 2015

Adorable Alexis Brill follows up her recent TLE debut with a compelling and emotionally charged performance. The slender brunette appears distracted to begin with, moving restlessly around her apartment dressed in nothing but a pair of skimpy white panties. She snacks on food from the refrigerator, and then inexplicably takes the knife into the candlelit bathroom as she runs herself a bath. Sliding into the tub with her panties still on, she douses herself liberally with shower cream, lathering it into her glistening skin and then hosing herself down with the showerhead. Now she takes the knife and rubs the handle around her stiff nipples, then teases her pussy through her sodden panties. Visibly excited, she uses the knife to tear open the front of the panties, and plunges a couple of fingers into her hot hole. Turning onto her knees, she finger-bangs herself from behind, and then perches up on the edge of the tub to bring herself to a delicious climax.