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Sweet Cat – The Slimewave Always Wins In The End
Released: March 31, 2014

Sweet Car is looking fantastic in her tight, fully clack outfit with some red shoes and accessories that really pop beautifully, but today she’s going to find herself in the messiest game of Hide & Seek ever! It doesn’t take long to find a cock in a gloryhole, but if she thought the game ended there she was sorely mistaken, because as she fondles that dick it begins spewing all over the place, of course creaming down her black outfit! This is all just more fun and games for Sweet Cat, who happily gets her pants jizzed up, along with everything else, and when it becomes to much she starts stripping down and playing with that little kitty of hers while getting showered down in absurd amounts of jizz! It’s safe to call everyone a winner at this extreme game of Hide & Seek!