Kety Pearl – Pounded By Spunk In The Power Room
Released: February 4, 2013

If the always incredibly sexy pin-up looking babe Kety Pearl thought she would be freshening up a bit in the powder room today she got it totally wrong! Things start out normal enough, as she checked herself out in the mirror as Eurobabes do, but when she sees a cock sticking out of a gloryhole behind her she just has to check it out! This slut will suck down anything that presents itself, so it doesn’t take her long to get on her knees and start going to town on that gloryhole action, but she never expected to be pummeled by insane amounts of cum while doing so! Of course initially shocked by a face and blouse full of cum, she quickly gets into the spirit and starts fucking away, putting her ass up to the wall and getting herself up by cracking that pussy wide, but it’s all the cum that continues to spew out that really gets her hot in this scene, and she proudly stands in the path of the cum stream, getting herself more and more drenched and looking sexy-ridiculous! Spreading those legs and taking it all is it cums, this amazing Eurobabe gets cum slutty for the love of the SlimeWave!