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Taylor Sands & Tess B – The Villa
Released: September 19, 2014

The title of Alis Locanta’s “The Villa” may call to mind the luxuriously furnished rooms and lushly landscaped grounds of a secluded mansion, but the writer/director has something far more intimate and intensely personal in mind. While the introductory moments of the film do give a sense of a posh and private location, once a connection has been established between the film’s stars — Taylor Sands and Tess B — that connection moves to the foreground and the setting recedes from view and significance. Tess B, in the skimpiest of bikinis, is outside admiring the view. Taylor Sands, fresh from the shower, drops her towel, dons a similar bathing suit, and joins her friend outside. Kisses are exchanged, a moment is shared together in the spa, then the twosome hurry indoors. Pausing in a hallway next to a washing machine they eagerly strip. After Tess positions herself on the appliance Taylor proceeds to make love to her. An eager tongue and insistent fingers bring Tess rapidly to a high state of arousal, and those fingers, applied from behind when Tess stands up, drive her to a final orgasm. Next, with Sands astride the washer, Tess administers the pleasure, and by employing similar technique and an equal amount of energy and enthusiasm, a powerful climax is soon achieved. Then the couple, smiling, kissing, and sharing the post-orgasmic glow, bring their encounter to a delicate and happy ending. Viewers with an appetite for affectionate and explicit lesbian love are encouraged to visit “The Villa.”