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Nataly Von & Tiffany Doll – Pour Toi Mon Amour
Released: August 18, 2013

French is well known as the language of love, and Italy’s Alis Locanta has embellished his latest erotic opus with a distinctly Gallic flavor. “Pour Toi Mon Amour” means “for you my love” in English, he’s chosen French-flavored music for his sound track, and in another clever touch the auteur presents the film’s credits in the language, as well. One needn’t speak or comprehend French to understand “Pour Toi Mon Amour,” however. From the moment Nataly Von and Tiffany Doll share their first kiss they are speaking a universal language: Lust. At first they express that ardor with tender caresses, probing fingers, and adventurous tongues, but Tiffany ups the erotic ante by bringing Nataly to orgasm with the assistance of a thick, translucent pink, phallus. With the afterglow still visible on her face, Von then employs the toy on Ms. Doll with similarly orgasmic results. By turns tender and torrid, “Pour Toi Mon Amour” c’est merveilleux! (And be sure to stick around after the feature for highly entertaining and enjoyable bonus footage!)