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Mango A & Margot A – Stay Here With Me
Released: August 29, 2014

As Mango A and Margot A wander the streets of the city two things are immediately obvious: they make a truly striking couple, and they’re clearly involved in a joyous romantic relationship. After this set-up, director Alis Locanta spins “Stay,” if only briefly, in a different direction. Mango A wakes from a restful night’s sleep. The smile on her face tells us the night’s activities and subsequent dreams were exceedingly pleasant. But as she opens her eyes she realizes she’s alone, and her mood suddenly reflects sadness, loss, and abandonment. This is but a temporary condition, however, as Mango quickly realizes that Margot is in the adjoining room getting dressed and preparing to leave. It only takes a bit of seductive persuasion to coax Margot back into bed, however, and the reunited lovers spend the rest of the morning making love to one another. Margot, as if to atone for her untimely attempted exit, strokes and teases Mango’s pussy, kisses and sucks a stiffening nipple, and then slides between her partner’s legs where she proceeds to lick her to ecstasy. After reaching a powerful peak of stimulation Mango maneuvers herself into the superior position of a sixty-nine, but Mango hasn’t achieved her ultimate orgasm yet and she’s soon upright, sitting on Margot’s beautiful face, being hungrily eaten until she’s overwhelmed by pleasure. At this juncture Mango proceeds to skillfully pleasure Margot, using a flicking tongue and slick, insistent fingers, until a delicious climax is delivered and thoroughly enjoyed. A brief and intriguing epilog adds additional detail to a relationship that is more complex than it first appears, and brings “Stay” to a thought-provoking and satisfying conclusion.