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Lola Taylor – Saturday Night
Released: September 7, 2014

In “Saturday Night” a couple is hosting a dinner party. Lola Taylor is in the kitchen preparing the food while Franck Franco is in the living room entertaining their friends. When Franco excuses himself and enters the kitchen to see how things are going a much more intimate party — a party of two — begins. Although she’s still intent on preparing the meal, Lola quickly succumbs to Franco’s amorous advances. The action moves quickly, fueled not simply by passion, but by the knowledge that their lusty interlude could be interrupted by a curious house guest at any moment. Soon Taylor is perched on the edge of the counter, her legs spread wide, one foot in the sink, with Franco hungrily munching away at her half-shaved pussy. After removing Taylor’s panties and lowering his own trousers only as much as needed for the task at hand, Franck proceeds to fuck Lola until she moans and squeals with delight. Transported by lust and desire, the twosome are oblivious to the outside world — and to their friends who continue to party elsewhere in the house. Lola drops to her knees and treats Franco to a lengthy and loving session of fellatio, much of it hands-free, an act enhanced — for the viewer as well as the lucky recipient — by Lola’s teasing eye-contact with her partner. Then, with Taylor standing against the counter, Franco enters her from behind and vigorously bangs her to orgasm and then ejaculates on her round rump. Suddenly realizing they mustn’t ignore their guests any longer they hurriedly clean up, get dressed, and return to the party. This is one “Saturday Night” you don’t want to miss!