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Julia Roca & Taylor Sands – Back Home
Released: July 11, 2014

After an unexplained absence — perhaps as the result of an argument or infidelity — Taylor Sands shows up at the door of her estranged lover, Julia Roca. Somewhat reluctantly, Roca invites Sands inside. While Taylor showers and hand-washes her lingerie, Julia looks on, and any anger, hurt, or disappointment she may have been harboring begins to dissipate. The couple are relaxing on the couch innocently — Taylor naps while Julia reads. Without speaking a word they then decide to demonstrate their love for one another through physical means. Taylor, in an effort to atone for her past transgressions, takes the lead. After helping Julia out of her clothes she plays with the brunette’s pert breasts and pussy. Roca responds quickly and enthusiastically to Taylor’s touch, and with a soft tongue teasing her clitoris and two fingers sliding insistently in and out of her pussy, Roca cries out with ecstatic orgasmic pleasure. Roca — making her first ever appearance at Sexart — doesn’t hesitate when it’s her turn to provide the pleasure. She lovingly caresses Taylor’s breasts through her tank top and massages the crotch of her panties. Once these fabric impediments are removed Roca proves herself to be a skilled lover, fingering and licking Sands to a sweet and satisfying climax. Director Alis Locanta puts a fresh spin on this tale of domestic bliss with a teasing bit of footage that plays under the end credits. Taylor and Julia, both glammed up and dressed to thrill, are given an edgy, technical presentation. Roca hungrily sucks a thick pink dildo, then Taylor takes the tool and rides it before Roca sucks it some more — an unexpected addition to a sweet and steamy reunion. It’s good to be “Back Home.”