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Gina Devine – Tone of Love
Released: April 27, 2013

An artist at work takes a break from practicing his craft to indulge the whims and hungers of his muse in this moody and evocative offering from director Andrej Lupin. As Thomas Lee performs his latest composition late into the night, Gina Devine emerges from the bedroom, wrapped only in a sheet. At first she listens and contemplates the harmonious art her lover is creating. Then she interrupts the performance with an unspoken proposal — why not let your fingers relax for a while and put your mouth to good use? Seated on the keyboard Devine spreads her legs wide and greedily accepts the pleasure Lee’s strong, skilled tongue provides. Suitably primed and temporarily satisfied, Devine then performs an impressive oral solo, with deft manual accompaniment. Next, with her lover positioned on the floor, Devine straddles her man and extracts every bit of pleasure possible. Only after she has satisfied her burning desire does she finally dismount and bring her man to a thrilling climactic coda. Classical in style and theme, “Tone of Love” is a heated and romantic duet.