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Frida & Whitney Conroy – The Road Goes On
Released: June 8, 2013

Italy’s Alis Locanta begins his latest SexArt creation, “The Road Goes On,” with a sequence featuring his two stars in a series of public places — a train station, the backseat of a car, and strolling through a bustling city center. Despite the casual, spontaneous nature of this introductory footage, it becomes immediately apparent that there’s a strong undercurrent of erotic attraction between these two beautiful women — but even the very public kiss Whitney Conroy and Frida share on a crowded thoroughfare only hints at the depth and breadth of that attraction. Locanta lets his performers set the pace, and once they’re alone their playful flirtation blossoms into a powerful and mutual sexual yearning. Set in three distinctly different locations in a sophisticated and elegant home, “The Road Goes On,” flows from one orgasmic highlight to the next to create a journey into exquisitely beautiful lesbian erotica and romance. Once you’ve entered the world of “The Road Goes On” you’ll never want it to end.