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Connie Carter – My Moment
Released: October 25, 2013

A beautiful young business woman makes her way home after a long day at the office. Once she’s alone in her stylish apartment the concerns of the outside world fall away and she begins to unwind. She sets down her briefcase, off come her shoes, blazer, skirt, blouse, and finally her bra and panties. Freed of her clothes and the cares of the day, she falls back on the sleek sheets of her bed and heaves a sigh of relief and delight. It’s at this moment that Andrej Lupin’s “My Moment” really begins. The film’s star, Connie Carter, is breathtaking — a striking beauty with a magnificently voluptuous body. Her hands begin to wander, squeezing a full breast, teasing a nipple, then slithering between her legs. The process is gradual. Carter savors every sensation, finally giving in completely to her desire for sexual pleasure and, ultimately, the ecstasy of orgasm. Once her agile, probing fingers have worked their magic she pulls a hidden toy from beneath a pillow and uses it to tease her clit and delve deep into the fevered clench of her hungry pussy. Connie Carter spends a good deal of “My Moment” with her eyes closed to better enjoy and facilitate her fantasies — the viewer, however, won’t want to blink and risk missing even a single second of this exquisitely beautiful autoerotic masterwork.