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Blue Angel & Nataly Von – My Little Apartment
Released: October 31, 2014

It’s morning and Nataly Von awakens. Taking care not to wake her companion, she pads out of the room wearing only the white panties she slept in, visits the bathroom, and then walks softly to the kitchen where she begins to prepare breakfast. When the eggs begin to sizzle in the pan Blue Angel emerges from her slumber and joins Nataly in the kitchen. The couple begin to kiss and flirt, and Andrej Lupin’s stylish slice of domestic life, “My Little Apartment” begins. Seeking a more comfortable location for their flirtation the couple move to the living room sofa. Here Blue Angel becomes more assertive, urging Nataly to lie back and enjoy it. After kissing her way down Von’s slender body Blue Angel sucks and licks the white cotton crotch of her partner’s panties. Then she pulls the fabric to the side and eats her now-exposed pussy. With two thrusting fingers sliding in and out, and a soft, wet tongue flicking across her clitoris it’s not long before Nataly is moaning with orgasm. With Blue Angel now positioned on all fours and ready for an orgasm to call her own, Nataly approaches her from behind and begins to suck and kiss Angel’s pussy. After Blue Angel rolls onto her back Von continues to lick and finger her moist flesh until orgasm erupts. Giggling and kissing, the lovers savor their shared pleasure. Spontaneous, subtle, and delicately beautiful, there are big erotic treats to be enjoyed in “My Little Apartment.”