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Amarna Miller – Vox Episode 2
Released: December 9, 2015

Adorable Armana Miller reads in Spanish from an erotic novel, in the second episode of Alis Locanta’s intriguing ‘Vox’ series. At first her voice is steady, but as her concentration begins to slip, it seems that something more than just the erotic words is stoking her arousal. When you learn that she has a vibrator inserted in her pussy, remote-controlled by her director, the reason for her gasps and smiles becomes clear! It grows more and more difficult for her to continue, as the waves of vibration pulse through her; she stumbles over her words, pausing between her attempts to resume reading. Finally her whole body is wracked by an intense orgasm. In the second segment of the movie she is in a light-drenched room, filmed in a series of jump cuts as she starts to undress and slides a hand inside her transparent panties. She tugs them aside to rub her clit rapidly, then peels them off altogether. Grabbing a big vibrating wand, she holds it against her pussy, her thighs opening and closing spasmodically as she is overwhelmed by the intense sensations. Her unabashed pleasure in her sexual release is a joy to watch.