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Alissia Loop & Lena Love – The Game VI – Contact
Released: November 10, 2013

Episode 6 in Andrej Lupin’s military erotic action-adventure Sexart series “The Game” is subtitled “Contact.” And that’s an understatement! As foreshadowed in the final seconds of the previous installment, two soldiers from opposing sides in this intriguing conflict are engaged in hand-to-hand combat. We soon learn that the comely combatants are dark-haired Alissia Loop and blonde Carla Cox, and that Loop is winning this particular battle. But rather than deliver the final blow in this fight to the death in the forest, Loop stops strangling and begins seducing her enemy. Cox and can’t resist Loop’s aggressive advances and when Alissia begins ravenously sucking and licking Carla’s pussy she’s rendered helpless and swept away on the tides of pleasure summoned by Loop’s tongue. Alissia isn’t only good at giving pleasure, she’s quite skilled at taking it, as she proves when she strips off her pants and firmly plants her shaved pussy on Carla’s open mouth. As moans of delight fill the sun-dappled clearing power shifts and positions change. Soon Cox is sitting on Loop’s face and riding to her own orgasmic finish…and yet another intriguing plot development. “The Game VI — Contact” adds scorching lesbian heat to an already incendiary series.