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Jennica Lynn – Busty Island Beauty
Released: November 7, 2013

Jennica Lynn is every inch a “Busty Island Beauty.” Her body is fantastic and her boobs are mind-blowing. Jennica looks right at home in this tropical Caribbean paradise as she frolics in the sun and in the water. Modeling for The SCORE Group is like a paid vacation. This is her first time in the Caribbean and she’s having a ball. When they weren’t shooting photos and videos, they were seeing the sights. A video called “Come Along With Us” followed Jennica as she toured the grounds and the island. Most Swedish women don’t have breasts like Jennica, who now lives in the United Kingdom. “When I was in Sweden, I couldn’t find any bras that were my size. I just had to find what I could and make it work,” Jennica said. On this island, Jennica doesn’t need to worry about bras. She can go bare as nature intended and every boob man benefits! Jennica dazzles in that little bikini, hits the pool to get all wet and drippy and then relaxes on a recliner to have some me-time. You rule, Jennica. The ruler of this little island. We will call it Jennica-Land.