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Kari & Iwia – Brunette Beauties
Released: August 18, 2014

Kari (darker shorts) and Iwia are having a pillow fight on the couch when one thing leads to another. The girls start kissing passionately, and then the girls fondle each others beast through the thin material of their white cotton tank tops while kissing more. Kari’s top is the first to come off, and Iwia sucks Kari’s nipples. Then Kari removes Iwia’s top and sucks her nipples too. Kari then lays back and Iwia removes her shorts and teases her pussy through where white lace cotton panties. Iwia then removes Kari’s panties and starts eating her pussy. Iwia licks Kari while finger fucking her until she comes. Then Iwia lies back and Kari pulls her white cotton panties to the side and masturbates her. Kari then finger fucks Iwia using two fingers, and then she starts eating her out. She licks and sucks Iwia’s pussy until she has an orgasm too.