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Gabrielle G, Jeanna & Marcena – Elegant Trio
Released: July 7, 2013

Gabrielle (short hair), Jeanna, and Marcena (blonde) are chatting away in the living room when one thing leads to another. Jeanna starts kissing Marcena, and then Marcena kisses Gabrielle. The girls remove their tops and start fondling each others large breasts and sucking each others nipples. Gabrielle removes Marcena’s panties and finger fucks her while Jeanna kisses her. Then Jeanna starts eating Marcena’s pussy, licking and fingering her to orgasm. Then Jeanna finger fucks Gabrielle, and then Marcena goes down on Gabrielle. Marcena inserts two fingers into Gabrielle’s ass hole and continues licking her pussy until Gabrielle climaxes. Then the girls strip down Jeanna, and Marcena finger fucks her. Then Gabrielle fingers and licks Jeanna’s hairy pussy until she comes.