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Denis & Suny – Transparent Pleasures
Released: August 27, 2013

Suny and Denis (darker hair) kiss on the couch. Suny raises Denis’ tank top and sucks her nipples. Then Denis lowers Suny’s tube top and sucks her nipples on her perky boobs. Then Suny pulls off Denis’ shorts and licks her toes. Then Suny starts eating and fingering Denis’ pussy. The girls kiss again, and then Denis goes down on Suny. Suny then licks Denis from behind, and then Denis licks and fingers Suny from behind. Then Suny takes out a glass dildo and fucks Denis using it while licking and stroking her clit. Suny brings Denis to climax, and then Denis turns the toy on Suny, fucking her using it and licking her until she comes. Then the girls kiss again.