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Amelie & Riya – Fingers Of Fury
Released: July 5, 2013

Amelie and Riya (dark hair) get it on in the bedroom. Riya starts masturbating Amelie through her thin sheer panties. The girls then start kissing, and Amelie masturbates Riya. The girls continue kissing as they strip each other, and then Riya lies back and thrusts her pussy into the air and Amelie starts eating her out. Amelie brings Riya almost to climax. Then Riya sits up against Amelie, and Amelie plunges three fingers deep inside Riya’s pussy, nearly fisting her. Amelie furiously works her fingers inside Riya’s pussy until Riya orgasms. The girls do more kissing, and then Riya deep fingers Amelie using three fingers, working them in a frenzy until Amelie comes. Then the girls lie together kissing.