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Chelsy Sun & Kendra Star – Boarding School Bitch Is Just Asking For It
Released: January 21, 2014

Chelsy Sun is lucky enough to attend one of the best boarding schools around, but this little bitch just doesn’t give a shit and does everything she can to break all the rules. She’s out past curfew, she dresses inappropriately, and worst of all, dean Kendra Star can smell the fresh sperm on her pussy! Luckily, Kendra has a special place for misbehaving hotties, and a special “rehabilitation program” that’ll give them no reason to ever want to leave the school again! Taking her to her special “Orgasmatic layer”, Kendra starts by wetting down Chelsy’s white blouse and then attaching her play with her perky tits. At this point Kendra becomes just as naughty as Chelsy, and they’re both horny as hell and ready to eat some pussy and get it on, and with Kendra’s intense vibrator at hand, Chelsy learns a serious lesson about why she needs to follow rules and be a good little slut! This lesson isn’t over until that pussy is buzzed totally red and raw, and now it’s safe to say that this little bitch won’t need to leave campus to get her pussy slapped right!