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Lucia & Tracy Lindsay – Tracy on Lucia
Released: February 27, 2014

Pale white skin glistens as the light reflects off the massage oil soaked into it, mousey brown hair and piercing blue eyes watch inquisitively as Tracy’s experienced hands edge ever closer to their first contact on Lucia’s beautiful body. The first touch is like electricity as it surges through the fine hairs on her arms, making them stand on end as she feels a tingling in her pussy. A loud hum is heard as Tracy turns on her favourite massage tool and slowly drags it across Lucia’s moist skin, the tingles inside her grow as the thought of the wand touching her pussy is agonisingly erotic and drives Lucia crazy. Now deeper vibrations surge through Lucia’s clitoris fulfilling every dream as she takes handfuls of the sheet beneath and moans. Tracy’s fingers rub her G-spot as the vibrations are now targeted to the exact spot needed to make Lucia climax like never before.