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Gina & Eufrat – Lazy Weekend
Released: November 27, 2013

Gina indulges in the sensation of Eufrat’s nails gently scratching her back. It makes her tingle and sends a shiver through her, on the surface there is a mild pain that she would otherwise resist if it wasn’t for the warm pleasure that pulsates deep inside her at the same time. Eufrat pulls firmly on Gina’s tongue with her own, teasing out this warmth inside that Gina might share it with her and allow her even deeper into her world. Slowly they let their tongues roll round one another in the most sensual way, Eufrat lets Gina’s mouth envelop hers as she reaches inside her own panties to stimulate herself. Eufrat takes as much time as she wants to explore Gina’s body, they have nothing else to do this weekend except stay in bed so they are squeezing every last drop from it. As the scene builds to a climax we have included some POV shots, we hope you enjoy them and they get you even closer to the sensations between this intimate lesbian couple.