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Eufrat & Eileen – She Knows
Released: February 24, 2014

These two women need no introduction, we’ve shot many scenes now with Eufrat and Eileen and every time they get together the sparks fly and moments of magic or unique intimacy are inevitable. When these two come face to face you can clearly see a giggly excitement behind their eyes, Eileen grins like a cheshire cat whenever Eufrat gets lost in the moment and takes her with full-blooded passion. As soon as Eileen is stripped Eufrat spends a lot of time sucking on her heavy boobs before grinding on top of her as they kiss. Eileen loves to eat Eufrat’s plump pussy but today she wants to be closer when Eufrat comes so she spoons tightly behind her and pushes her fingers deep inside. Eufrat returns the intimacy to give Eileen a big climax, after going down on her for some time she probes with her fingers, searching for the G-spot before proceeding to give her girlfriend an orgasmic finger fucking.