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Alyssa & Lucy Li – Follow Me
Released: April 7, 2014

Very gently Alyssa strokes Luci, teasing the most delicate sensations out as her fingertips, her nails gently scrape across the surface of the skin and cause goosebumps. She rests her tongue on Luci’s big soft lips before pulling up her top to see her beautiful breasts which among other adjectives could also be described as big and soft. As Luci lays on her back, Alyssa spreads the plump darling’s legs open and begins to feel under the band of her panties before pulling them aside and dropping her saliva on Luci’s clit, lubricating it ready for further stimulation. Once her pussy is wet enough for Alyssa to push two fingers inside and really work her, Luci’s breathing gets heavy, her pulse quickening as Alyssa licks and fingers at the same time, gazing up into her eyes as she does so. When Alyssa climbs on Luci we get a chance to see her wonderful shapely figure, her toned bum that sticks out, Luci doesn’t need to be asked twice to grab and squeeze it. Alyssa climbs up and sits on her Luci’s face before Luci really tries to make her come, the more intense her orgasm gets, the more the bed legs creak.